Security Cooperation between the United States and Mexico

The Four Pillars of Merida

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A brief description of the Merida Initiative and its programs designed to reduce violence on both sides of the border resulting from the activities of drug trafficking organizations . The four main pillars of the initiative are: 1) Disrupt Capacity of Organized Crime to Operate, 2) Institutionalize Capacity to Sustain Rule of Law, 3) Create a 21st Century Border Structure, and 4) Build Strong and Resilient Communities.

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Los programas bajo la Iniciativa de Cooperación “Mérida” están diseñados para hacer frente a la violencia causada por el narcotráfico en México y en Estados Unidos. Los cuatro pilares de Mérida son 1) Interrumpir la habilidad operativa del crimen organizado, 2) Institucionalizar el estado de derecho en México, 3) Crear una estructura fronteriza apta para el Siglo 21 y 4) Construir comunidades fuertes y resistentes.

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Latest News: U.S.-Mexico Border Management Cooperation and Security Challenges

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Recent events related to bi-national security issues have been multifaceted, ranging from border security to creating unified state police forces in Mexico, fighting the illicit drug trade, recapturin...more.