Mexico and the Mexican Community in the United States

Migration Policy Institute RAD Diaspora Profile

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An all-encompassing depiction of the Mexican diaspora in the US, this Migration Policy Institute report offers an accurate and intriguing portrayal of the largest foreign-born population in the United States. It addresses everything from income and education to hometown associations and questions of citizenship, including the challenges that face this population due to their limited access to citizenship. Among the 15 populations examined in this Rockefeller Foundation- Aspen Institute Diaspora Program, the Mexican diaspora was found to be the most socioeconomically disadvantaged population. After an in depth examination of the research that produced these results, the report illuminates where the diaspora is most relevant and the important civil societal organizations have been created by this population.

To Download this report, please click on the following link: Migration Policy Institute RAD Diaspora Profile.


The U.S.-Mexico Network’s Imagining 2024 project is designed to provide readers a quick overview of key issues in US-Mexico relations – the background of the issue, its current state, where we ought to be by 2024, and how to get there.


Each short essay is coupled with suggested background readings for those interested in a more detailed understanding of the issue at hand.  And as an electronic publication, both the essays and their associated resource pages are updated as needed to keep the information and analysis fresh.

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Latest News: The Mexican Diaspora

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