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Latest News and Video: Energy Reform

by Editors

With recent developments in reforming Mexico’s energy sector and the transformation of state-owned Pemex, opportunities have emerged for increased U.S.-Mexico cooperation on energy projects.  The following sources describe where Mexico’s energy sector is today after a period of high expectations. 


Pemex Reform 

Fuel And Fury: ‘Mexico Had It Coming’, January 17, 2017

Alza en gasolinas contradice argumento de reforma energética, Diciembre 27, 2016

Certainty and Opportunity in Mexico’s E&P Landscape, Institute of the Americas November 2016

Mexico’s – U.S. Energy Partnership Could Expand Into RenewablesOil Price August 2015 


The Big Prize: Assessing Mexico’s Deep Water Auction- December 12, 2016

On December 5th, 2016, Mexico held its long-awaited deep water oil block auction. On the same day, Pemex announced the partner for the farmout of its deep water Trion field. Between them, these assets are estimated to contain over 11 billion barrels of oil.

Aldo Flores, Mexico’s Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons, spoke about both the auction and the farmout and was joined by experts on Mexican oil and gas, John Padilla and Marcelo Mereles, who analyzed the results of the first round one and predict what’s ahead for the country’s energy reform.

El 5 de diciembre de 2016 el gobierno mexicano subastó las licencias de exploración y extracción de once bloques en aguas profundas y ultra-profundas del Golfo de México. Estos grandes bloques han sido considerados por algunos parte de las joyas de la corona petrolera mexicana, alcanzando un valor de 11 billones de barriles de aceite y son los últimos que fueron licitados en la primera ronda de las subastas eléctricas.

Aldo Flores, el Subsecretario de Energía de Hidrocarburos, dio una charla sobre la subasta, junto a expertos en el tema, John Padilla y Marcelo Mereles, subrayando lo que se espera de la reforma energética en México.



New Electricity Market

Webinar: Mexico’s New Electricity Market, December 8, 2016

Inversión de 4 millones de dólares al concluir el proceso de la Segunda Subasta Eléctrica, Secretaría de Energía 28 Septiembre 2016

Mexico prepara las primeras licitaciones de líneas de transmisión con participación de capital privado, Oil and Gas Magazine April 21, 2016


Natural Gas Infrastructure

Mexico: The Natural Gas Successes– Latinvex May 31, 2016 

Mexico’s Energy Ministry Projects Rapid Near-Term Growth of Natural Gas Imports from USUS Energy Information Administration (EIA) May 29, 2014

On Shaky Ground: Mexico’s Prospective Shale Boom Will Be a Long Time ComingThe Economist May 3, 2014

Mexican State Utility Unveils Plans for Natural-Gas PipelinesWall Street Journal April 22, 2014



The Future of Renewable Power in Mexico– Renewable Energy World 3 August 2015

Mexico Has Bright Horizons Thanks to Energy Reform2015 
North American Leaders Summit

North American Climate, Clean Energy, and Environment Partnership Action Plan, White House June 29, 2016


Mexico’s Huge, Untouched Shale-Oil Fields Lure Wildcatters and Criminals, January 13, 2016



Excélsior Tv: Entrevista a María de Lourdes Melgar, subsecretaría de Hidrocarburos de la Sener/Pascal | August 20, 2014

In this 20 August interview with Pascual Beltran del Rio, SENER’s Hydrocarbons undersecretary, Lourdes Melgar, discusses the “Round One” process by which private oil companies will bid for the rights to develop the first set of fields put up for bid following the energy reform.

En la entrevista del 20 de agosto con Pascual Beltran del Rio subsecretario de Hydrocarbonos SENER y Lourdes Melgar, discutieron la primer ronda de procesos por medio de los cuales, companias petroleras privadas, licitaran por el derecho de desarrollar el primer juego de campos, puestos puestos a licitacion de acuerdo con la reforma energia.

Bloomberg TV: Pemex CEO Emilio Lozoya on Business Strategy, Production | August 15, 2014 

In this 15 August 2014 interview with Bloomberg News, Pemex CEO, Emilio Lozoya, discusses energy reform and its likely impact on the Mexican economy and on Pemex.

En este 15 de agosto en la entrevista con Bloomberg News, el Sr. Emilio Lozoya, director ejecutivo, discute la refroma energetica que indudablemente impactara la economia mexicana y a Pemex.

VOA: Mexico Opens Energy Sector, but Investors May Hesitate | George Baker  August 14, 2014

In this interview with VOA, George Baker, the editor of Mexican Energy Intelligence, explains why large energy firms may remain hesitant to invest in Mexico’s newly opened energy sector.

En la siguiente entrevista, el editor de Mexican Energy Intelligence, habla sobre las razones por las que carecen inversionistas en el sector energético en México, aún tras su reforma.

A new Mexican Revolution – The Economist November 13, 2014

Rapid Returns Required From Mexico’s Energy Reform – Financial Times November 12, 2014

Mexico Supreme Court Rejects Energy-Overhaul Referendum – The Wall Street Journal October 30, 2014

Mexico’s State-Owned Oil Giant, Pemex, is in Uncharted Waters – New York Times October 28, 2014

Mexico’s Energy Reforms Become LawBrookings Institute August 14, 2014

Mexico’s Energy Reform: The Timeline – Wilson Center August 11, 2014

Mexico’s Secondary Law Provides a Path Forward for New Investments in the Hydrocarbon SectorBrookings Institute June 25, 2014



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George Baker, editor of Mexico Energy Intelligence

Latest News and Video: Energy Reform

by Editors
With recent developments in reforming Mexico's energy sector and the transformation of state-owned Pemex, opportunities have emerged for increased U.S.-Mexico cooperation on energy projects.  The fol...more.