Security Cooperation between the United States and Mexico

US-Mexico Law Enforcement Cooperation

By Viridiana Rios  

“El Chapo must remain here to serve his sentence, and then I’ll extradite him. Some 300 or400 years later, I’ll extradite him” – Attorney General of México, January 2015.

“The instruction is (…) to extradite el Chapo as soon as possible” –President of México, January 2016.

This chapter analyses the relationship between Mexico and the United States in terms of security. The material examines the main characteristics and goals of this relationship, the most recent changes it has faced, and provides five recommendations aimed at creating a healthier, deep and balanced collaboration between these two countries in the near future.

This text is divided into three parts. The first part explores the most recent changes in the bilateral relationship, including its most relevant milestones. The goal is to gain an understanding of how the relationship these two countries currently have has evolved over time. The second part identifies th...more.


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