Mexico and the Mexican Community in the United States

Mexico and its Diaspora: Lessons for a New Era

by Carlos González Gutiérrez & David R. Ayón
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Mexican migration to the United States peaked in 2006.   The reality and the consequences of this migratory flow, however, the largest between neighboring countries, continue to present both challenges and opportunities to the Mexican and U.S. governments, and will do so for years to come. Among its consequences is the growth of a large Mexican diaspora in the United States and a Mexico that is widely recognized as a global leader for its diasporic policies. The fact that Mexico has been an innovator in this area was almost inevitable, given the circumstances: the dimensions of the flows, the vicinity of the destination and the extension and complexity of the U.S.-Mexico border. Mexico’s diaspora is also concentrated in its main economic and trading partner, and developed in the context of a highly asymmetrical relationship between neighbors that are of singular importance to each other.

This asymmetry has influenced the Mexican diaspora in many ways, including the levels of ...more.


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Latest News: The Mexican Diaspora

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